Pre-registration for access to Apex Legends Mobile is open

Apex Legends Mobile is coming to more countries

after having been published last February in 10 countries, the electronic arts open pre-registration for the highly anticipated Apex Legends Mobilefor users in several new markets, including Portugal and Brazil.

Users interested in the game will be able to pre-register to have access to the game as soon as it is available, here. In a first phase, this pre-registration is only accessible to users of the androidbut later it will also be open to users with iOS.

Electronic Arts also revealed that those who pre-register for Apex Legends Mobile will receive completely free cosmetic items. Currently, more than 7.5 million users are waiting for the game to be released, and so far, players will receive a Founder’s Badge, Bloodhound Legend items such as Banner Frame and Banner Pose, and an epic R99 weapon skin. If the number of pre-registrations exceeds 10 million, the epic Bloodhound skin will be unlocked.

For those who don’t know, this Harbor for smartphones is different from the original game we have on PC and consoles, and it will not be possible to compete against players from other platforms. On the other hand, changes will be made to offer a more fun mobile experience. These include new legends, maps, events and exclusive game modes such as Mini Royale and other limited time modes.

At the moment we still don’t know when the game will be released in other countries, especially in Portugal and Brazil, but since the pre-registrations have been opened, I think it should be soon.

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