Pokemon Legends Arceus update 1.1.1 fixes shiny charm issue


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By: Daniel Larusso / Acústica FM
Published on: 03/18/2022 at 16:02

Pokemon Legends: Arceus, like many previous Pokemon games, has a unique challenge for truly dedicated players. All Pokémon in the game have what we call “shiny” variants, which are essentially re-skins where Pokémon appear in different colors than usual. Shiny Pokemon are incredibly rare to find, but Pokemon Legends: Arceus offers players ways to make it easier to find and catch shiny Pokemon.

One of the ways Pokemon Legends: Arceus players can speed up their Shiny Hunt is by acquiring an item called Shiny Charm. Pokemon Legends: Arceus players can only obtain the Shiny Charm very late in the game, after they have already completed the Hisui region Pokedex. Unfortunately, a bug prevented some Pokemon Legends: Arceus players from getting the Shiny Charm even after completing the Pokedex. This, in turn, made it even harder to get all of the shiny Pokemon in the game.

Game Freak and Nintendo have released Pokemon Legends: Arceus Update 1.1.1, the main function of which is to fix this bug. After downloading the new Pokemon Legends: Arceus update, players should return to Professor Laventon in Galaxy Hall located in Jubilife Village. Speaking with Professor Laventon, Pokemon Legends: Arceus players who were previously unable to obtain the Shiny Charm due to the bug will now be able to acquire it without any issues.

Pokemon Legends: Arceus Update 1.1.1 Patch Notes

Fixed an issue where certain conditions prevented players from obtaining the Shining Charm even if they met the conditions. After updating the game, players who encountered this issue can obtain the Shiny Charm by talking to Professor Laventon inside Galaxy Hall in Jubilife Village as long as they meet the conditions.

This latest Pokemon Legends: Arceus update should definitely appeal to fans who reached the endgame and couldn’t get the Shiny Charm. However, some players may be looking forward to new, more substantial content updates for Pokemon Legends: Arceus. A previous Pokemon Legends: Arceus update added new content to the game, but there’s been no word on any bigger updates beyond that.

Some are hoping for a Pokemon Legends: Arceus DLC expansion, but it’s unclear if something like this will actually materialize. After all, Game Freak and Nintendo are expected to release Gen 9 Pokémon games later this year in the form of Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, and continued support for Legends: Arceus could see the games compete against each other.

Again, the gameplay of Pokemon Legends: Arceus is different enough from traditional Pokemon games, it feels like there’s plenty of room for both styles of Pokemon play to exist. Whether or not Game Freak has bigger plans for Pokemon Legends: Arceus updates, fans can download update 1.1.1 and grab the Shiny Charm if they haven’t already.

Pokemon Legends: Arceus is available now, exclusively for the Nintendo Switch.

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