Medium risk of Aedes aegypti infestation leaves Petrolina on high alert

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In recent weeks it has been common to have at least one known person who has been infected with the virus. Aedes aegypti and have dengue fever, chikungunya or zika. With eyes on the Covid-19 pandemic and similar symptoms between diseases, infections caused by the mosquito have gone unnoticed by many. Despite everything, they did not fail to cause a considerable number of victims in Petrolina, a fact confirmed after the publication of the rapid index survey on Aedes aegypti (LirAa) of 2022.

According to the survey carried out by the Municipal Health Service (SMS), Petrolina has a mosquito infestation level of 1.9% in February. According to Health Ministry guidelines, this means the city remains at medium risk of an outbreak of Aedes-borne diseases.

Areas inspected include residences and commercial establishments. The points with the highest infestation rates were the neighborhoods of São Gonçalo, Jardim Petrópolis and Vila Chocolate, with an index of 5.9%, while Gercino Coelho, KM-2, Vila Mocó and Palhinhas had 4.5 % infestation.

The director of epidemiological surveillance, Acácio Andrade, reinforces the importance for the population to be careful with the potential breeding sites of the mosquito. “The Department of Health, through endemic agents, visits homes and guides people on care, but this has to be practiced by residents. In just 10 minutes a week, you can see if there is a container that can accumulate water and serve as a breeding ground for Aedes »he pointed out.

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