LE BAL – “Today the pigsty caught fire” (Palmeiras)

Abel Ferreira underlined the role of the fans in Palmeiras’ victory over Corinthians (2-1) and also showed his dissatisfaction with the referee.

“Today I wanted to dedicate this victory to our fans. To all of them, without exception. Today we were truly all one. Today the pigsty (Palmeiras’ nickname is the pig) caught fire. J I felt an environment from the start that was incredible, it was spectacular. Since they demand that the team maintain this attitude, what matters to the Palmeirense family is that we are all together, the team, the management and the fans. Today, you were the 12th player who pushed us, even suffering a penalty which in my opinion is not one”, declared the coach, in a press conference.

Abel Ferreira was not very happy with the referee: “I’m curious because on television we don’t talk about Murilo before and because we don’t show a repetition of Dudu’s gesture inside the area. Television must do this and is responsible for the transmission of all images. I don’t know if it’s a penalty against Dudu, but as far as I know there wasn’t even a rehearsal. You have to be judicious and today there was only a lack of criteria. Dudu was fouled, what I said is lack of gym, on the shoulder. The referee has scored. Then he didn’t see the foul on Murilo and scored the penalty. The criteria must be the same.

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