iOS 15.4 update affects iPhone battery and reviews are coming soon – iOS

this week at Apple released iOS 15.4which is preinstalled on the latest generation of iPhone SEas good as new green versions of iPhone 13. However, when users started updating their iPhones to the new OS version, some started noticing battery life issues.

Users affected by the issue took to Twitter to express their frustration, with many complaining that their smartphone battery drained quickly, even when they had few apps open.

The problem is more common than you think, having already happened with other versions of iOS, as reported by the international press. For example, when iOS 15 was released in September 2021, several users also complained about the same issue.

At the time, as Adrian Kingsley-Hughes explains by ZDNetupdating to a new version of iOS is something that consumes a lot of resources, since several processes take place in the background, including the recalibration of the battery of the smartphone: something that can take several hours, even several days.

Moreover, the combination of the updates of the applications installed on the smartphone with the new functionalities included in the operating system, contribute to an additional effort in terms of energy consumption. However, battery life issues after updating to a new version of iOS are not permanent and will go away over time.

Want to check if your iPhone battery is healthy? If you have an iPhone with iOS 11.3 or later, you can access a whole range of useful information from the device settings and, on How to TeKwe explain how you can do it.

Remember that, among the novelties of iOS 15.4, there is the facial recognition of users when they wear a mask, thanks to Face ID. To unlock your smartphone, it will no longer be necessary to use passwords or to have the Apple Watch on your wrist.

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Along with the new emojis, there’s also a new voice option for the smart assistant Siri, as well as more languages ​​available for Visual Lookup, a feature that highlights items in photos and offers more available information.

FaceTime calls will become more natural through the use of spatial audio and Portrait mode. SharePlay allows users to share files during calls and the new Focus mode will help reduce distractions.

Apple has redesigned notifications and introduced a smart text recognition system called Live Text. Apple Maps now has directions and highlighted items in augmented reality and weather has been redesigned with full-screen maps, aided by more graphics and data.

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