Horizon Forbidden West has God of War Easter Eggs; see where

The game Forbidden Horizon West paid a beautiful and affectionate tribute to God of the war. In the northwest region of the map, you can find the hut where Kratos and Atreus lived in the 2018 game, in a mountainous and snowy place.

Santa Monica Studio, the company that developed the God of the war – and his produce the sequel God of War Ragnarok — posted the Easter egg on social media. To verify:

“Something about this sounds familiar… 🤔

Did you find all the God of War Easter Eggs that @Guerrilla put in #HorizonForbiddenWest? »

Where to find God of War totems in Horizon Forbidden West

The game has God of War character totems scattered across the map (Photo: Playback/Sony Interactive Entertainment)

always in Forbidden Horizon West, you can find three collectible totems of Kratos and Atreus. These are the War Totem (Kratos), Youth Totem (Atreus), and Brotherhood Totem (Brock and Sindri). Know where to find them:

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War Totem and Kratos and the Hut of Atreus

Look for a tree with an ax attached (Photo: Playback/Sony Interactive Entertainment)

Youth Totem

On the beach, look for coconut trees with multiple spiers (Photo: Playback/Sony Interactive Entertainment)

Brotherhood Totem

Look for a machine with a hammer stuck in it (Photo: Playback/Sony Interactive Entertainment)

When you collect all three totems, you earn a face paint called the Mark of War, named after the iconic red sash Kratos has on his face.

Aloy earns Kratos face paint after finding all three God of War collectibles (Picture: Playback/Sony Interactive Entertainment)

Although it is not produced by the same company – God of the war is from Santa Monica Studio, and Forbidden Horizon West is from Guerrilla Games – both games are exclusive to PlayStation consoles and part of the PlayStation Studios “family”.

Forbidden Horizon West is available for PS4 and PlayStation 5; already God of the warfor PS4, PS5 and pc.

Source: IGN, Studio Santa Monica

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