Genshin Impact Version 2.6 Brings Zephyr Of The Violet Evergarden

It is thanks to a stream on Twitch that the players of Genshin Impact got to know the news that is coming with version 2.6 of the RGP. The update is coming as Violet Evergarden Zephyr and will give players new characters, new story elements as well as new wish banners which feature the new character, but also some returns as is the case of Venti.

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On top of that, new weapons will also arrive along with new events. Additionally, three codes have been revealed that grant access to 100 first cousins, materials for upgrading and for EXP. Please note that the codes are only available for redeem until 04:00 on March 19.

  • 3TPUKSV8C5X9
  • UT7C2TD8C5ZD

For all the news about Genshin Impact version 2.6, Zephyr of the Violet Evergarden, you can check out the stream summary, now available on Genshin’s YouTube channel.


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