Flu vaccination campaign set to start April 4, says DF Health Department | Federal District

According to Ministry of Healththe vaccination campaign, in the country, until June 3. will be distributed 80 million doses against the flu, with the aim of vaccinating 79.7 million people belonging to priority groups.

Note, the Ministry of Health said that, “As agreed with states and municipalities, the flu vaccination campaign will initially prioritize children six months of age to children under five years of age, among other population groups.”

“After vaccinating this audience, states and municipalities will be able to continue the campaign with the inclusion of children over the age of 5, as well as the general population”, indicates the Ministry of Health.

Flu Vaccination Schedule

First step: April 4 to May 2

  • Age
  • healthcare workers

Second step: from May 3

  • Children under 5 years old (4 years, 11 months and 29 days)
  • Pregnant
  • puerperal women
  • teachers
  • indigenous
  • Persons with disabilities and comorbidities
  • Public transport workers and truck drivers
  • security forces
  • port workers
  • Prison system officials
  • population deprived of liberty

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