Endemic agents continue property inspections in the neighborhoods of Coqueiral and Aclimação this Sunday

The Endemic Control Sector of the Environmental Health Surveillance Division is on the streets of the Aclimação and Coqueiral neighborhoods this Sunday morning (20) to continue the work of inspecting properties and guiding the population on the urgent need to clean up backyards and eliminate breeding sites. of the Aedes aegypti mosquito, which transmits dengue fever.

The moment demands collective responsibility because the risks of a new dengue epidemic are great. Yesterday (19), endemic disease officers did the work in the same area, which has a high number of people who have contracted the disease. Many foci with mosquito larvae have been found, which means that the population is not cooperating.

Next week, the Municipality of Cascavel will strengthen actions to fight dengue fever.

Now is the time to join forces to avoid an even worse situation.

Being careful with potted plants, pet food dishes, standing water in gutters, holes in walls and even tree cavities is essential to prevent mosquito breeding.


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