Elden Ring reaches historic milestone; know the history and tips

the game Ring of Elden earned an average score of 96 on the OpenCriticbut the opinions on the game are even more reflected in the large number of users of the To smoke who play it. Reviews on Steam aren’t that great, with 84% of reviews being positive.

Elden Ring reaches historic milestone on Steam
Image: Disclosure | Ring of Elden

A quick look at the reviews reveals that some gamers aren’t happy with the PC performance issues present in the game, but Steam said it’s monitoring any complaints.

At launch, the action-RPG reached nearly 800,000 concurrent players and has since grown to over 950,000.

If we compare with Dark Souls III Where Sekiro: Shadows Die TwiceElden Ring has amassed seven times as many players as each of the games had at its peak.


With these numbers, Elden Ring has already won hugely popular titles like New World, Valheim, Fallout 4, Terraria, and GTA V.

The game is estimated to have sold over 10 million digital copies for PC since its release. If we add the PlayStation and Xbox numbers to the equation, the sum’s total sales approach 20 million.

At the moment, he occupies the 6th position of Stean and still has to overcome some important matches:

  • PUBG: Battlegrounds – 3,257,248
  • lost ark – 1,325,305
  • Counter Strike: Global Offensive – 1,308,963
  • Dota 2 – 1,295,114
  • Cyberpunk 2077 – 1,054,388

Elden Ring: learn more about the game and some tips

Your objective in this RPG is to use the power of the Pristine Ring and become a Pristine Lord in the Midlands in a world with vast open fields, huge dungeons, different situations and intricate 3D design.

Elden Ring reaches historic milestone on Steam
Image: Disclosure | Ring of Elden

You can combine weapons, armor and spells to create your own character, developing it according to your style of play, being able to choose to increase muscle strength to become a powerful warrior or master the art of magic.

The game already has a huge and engaged community, so much so that they have already created an interactive, online map, available through an English website called MapGenie, where players can find everything they need. Bosses, NPCs, items…

A player recently discovered an interesting detail about Elden Ring: the weather effects of the game directly affect the damage of certain spells.

This means that if you cast a fire spell during rain, they do less damage – but if you cast an electricity spell in the same rain, they are more effective and do more damage.

A small difference but it can make the difference in a battle.

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