Elden Ring: Invader Steals Rare Items Players Used To Trade In Unusual Move

It’s a gesture worth seeing.

Is it true only on the forums or on the subreddit r/Eldenringwhich already has more than 900 thousand people, it is possible to find funny, epic, frustrated plays, plus discoveries and more (there is a lot of tumult too) in Ring of Elden. However, this movement that you will see is worth highlighting. Invasions are quite common in FromSoftware games (and often frustrating for hackers), but this guy came out very well rewarded.

When it invades another player’s world, it finds the host and another player, presumably friends, trading items. He is soon seen and two other players are charging, when he dodges and gets a Black Moon Greatsworda special sword that evolves with intelligence and is not easy to obtain.

The Greatsword of the Black Moon is the reward for a rather long quest. To avoid spoilers, I’m stopping here. The fight continues, when the invader, after running away with very little, goes after the other object and gets a Sacred Relic Sword +9, sword that can only be obtained with the “soul” of a great boss (I will not say which one either, without spoilers). But this second was already improved by +9, that is to say almost to the maximum.

in tweets, @ShikasClouds says he was very bad doing it: “I just did the most evil thing you could imagine in Elden Ring. I’m a complete bad guy. [email protected] What I did”, says the invader. Whether we apologize or not, the reward was very precious. in another tweetit shows you what it’s like to carry two Dark Moon swords in each hand.

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It is possible to have more than one of these rarer swords, but you will need to complete the game more than once to retrace the necessary steps leading up to it. The Black Moon Greatsword, for example, serves as both a greatsword with normal attacks and a magic sword. The Holy Relic Sword, a magic sword that scales with faith and dexterity, has very powerful magic attacks.

It could be that the invader hasn’t even finished the whole game yet and already has some nice acquisitions, two very solid swords and nothing easy to obtain.


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Via: VG247

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