DGS publishes standard on vaccination of foreign citizens in temporary shelter — DNOTICIAS.PT

The General Directorate of Health (DGS) today published a rule that defines the vaccination strategies of foreign citizens who are in Portugal in a host situation, defining as a priority the vaccination coverage against measles and poliomyelitis.

“Portugal hosts thousands of people from countries in armed conflict or other very adverse situations, with a national program in place to welcome citizens under temporary protection, in which health care is provided. these citizens in Portugal is vaccination, within the framework of the National Vaccination Program (PNV) and other national vaccination strategies”, specifies the DGS.

The DGS estimated that “there is a higher risk of certain vaccine-preventable diseases in countries with low vaccination coverage and in the face of disruptive situations, such as armed conflict, priorities for vaccination against measles and poliomyelitis have been defined.

However, he also recommended vaccination coverage against tuberculosis, covid-19 and seasonal flu.

“These recommendations are in accordance with the provisions of the National Vaccination Program (Portaria 248/2017; Norm 18/2020), which determines that all persons present in Portugal have the right to be vaccinated in accordance with the provisions of the PNV 2020 (Norm 18 / 2020),” reads the document.

According to the DGS, “the vaccination will be carried out after evaluation of the vaccination status, depending on the age and any risk pathologies or particular circumstances, and all the vaccines deemed necessary must be administered, as far as possible”.

Adherence to these measures will be encouraged among these citizens through community and individual communication strategies”.

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