BOLA – Tuchel guarantees 400 kilometers by plane to play the Cup (Chelsea)

More than 400 kilometers separate London from Middlesbrough, where Chelsea will play the quarter-finals of the FA Cup this Saturday. Given the constraints imposed by the government on Londoners, after severe sanctions against Roman Abramovich, it was feared that the journey had to be made by bus, in more than five hours, but coach Thomas Tuchel assured this Friday that the team will do by air. The club can spend around 25,000 euros on trips away from home.

Chelsea will have around 600 fans thanks to tickets already sold before the sanctions.

“Everyone worked hard to get us on the plane. It’s organized like that. It’s very good that this is the case, because we have just played with Lille (for the Champions League), we only have two days off and it is important to minimize travel time and maximize the rest time to avoid injury. Everything is organized as usual.

The German has responded to rumors targeting him with Manchester United. “Do you see me as less engaged or involved with Chelsea? Certainly not. I love working at Chelsea, I have everything to be happy here”, he further guaranteed, also referring to the profile of the possible new owners:

“I hope he’s someone who likes to win, that would be good. But I’m not involved in that at all, we just hope it will be quick. From time to time I am informed, but with so much work I am even grateful that I am not informed of all the small steps…”

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