Bahrain F1 GP, Lewis Hamilton: “the problems are much bigger” than a year ago…

As George Russell has already admitted, Mercedes is currently far behind Red Bull and Ferrari, and Lewis Hamilton already admits his team has “much bigger issues” than that same 2021 race to solve. Interestingly, last year he won it, but this year as far as I know is too far.
The two drivers continue to have difficulty adjusting the single-seater, to the point that Hamilton has changed the settings to the same as Russell, still in FP1, but according to him, he is far from having found an “agreement” with the car. . This is why he says that this year: “the problems are much bigger”. It remains to be seen whether there is an easy or longer solution, that is to say in the next races: “It is clear from the times that we are not where we want to be. We have made progress, but we don’t have the rhythm yet. We are far from the pace of Red Bull, Ferrari. As you can see, the two drivers are both “upside down” with the car.

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