Apple Watch saves elderly woman with lung cancer with fall detection feature

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It’s not news that the Apple Watch’s fall detection feature already registered usersprincipally those who are older. Now, an elderly woman has been diagnosed with lung cancer thanks to the “Apple” smartwatch feature.

But calm down, the feature itself is not responsible for directly detecting the disease, obviously. However, when Raylene Hackenweth – a resident of St. Petersburg, Florida – fell hard and was virtually unconscious, her smartwatch immediately called 911.

In relation to WFTS, one of the paramedics said that a distress call from a watch is something unique. In addition to the alert, the device sends the exact geolocation so that the rescuers go to the scene.

The identification of the biggest problem came after Hackenwerth was taken to hospital. CT scans found a cancerous mass in his lung. Now the woman is waiting to start her treatment and attributes the discovery to the Apple device.

“If it hadn’t been for the fall and the Apple Watch calling them, I wouldn’t even know he was there and maybe when he’s found in the future it would be too late. .”

Raylene Hackenwerth

The elderly woman also says the smartwatch had been a Christmas present from her son, so she could attend the trainings. Until then, the two were unaware that there was a fall detection function, activated by default when the user is 55 or older.

What is your assessment of the Apple Watch feature and the role it played in this woman’s life? Tell us in the space below.

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