Apple Watch helps user discover lung cancer

Another story involving the apple watch save lives has grown in importance in recent days. This time, the device was essential for a 71-year-old user to discover that she has lung canceras reported by ABC Action News on Tuesday (15).

It all started when American Raylene Hackenwerth crashed at home earlier this month. How did she use the apple smart watch at the time of the accident, the fall detection function the device sprang into action and immediately called the United States emergency service (911).

After receiving the distress call, the paramedics went to the home of the resident of Saint Petersburg, Florida (USA), using the geolocation data sent by the smart watch. Found almost unconscious and seriously injured, Hackenwerth was taken to hospital, where she underwent several tests.

During one of the tests, a strange mass was discovered in his lungs, which caught the attention of experts. Subsequent analyzes indicated that it was a cancerous tumorwhich was only detected due to the help requested by apple watch.

Feature enabled by default

THE Apple Watch fall detection, which the saving wife didn’t even know existed, is automatically activated in users aged 55 and over. The feature has the ability to identify high-impact activities, such as a heavy fall, and trigger an emergency if the person is immobile for one minute after the accident.

Waiting for the start of lung cancer treatmentHackenwerth praised the practicality of the watch, which she received from her son as a Christmas present, to accompany her physical activities.

“If it hadn’t been for the fall and the Apple Watch calling them (first responders) I wouldn’t even know it was there and maybe when it’s found in the future, it will be too late,” she told the broadcaster.

Image: Apple Watch Series 7 4G Smartwatch
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