Android 13 will have a new battery optimization system

Android with a battery in hand

More and more smartphones on the market are starting to receive large capacity batteries, and with increasingly faster charging systems. However, this is useless if the operating system is not optimized to reduce their consumption.

And it looks like Android 13 is focusing on that, with a new alert system that can intelligently identify which apps are consuming a lot of resources in the background.

New appeared on the latest DP2 version of Android 13, demonstrating how the system can constantly analyze which apps are consuming the most power, in the background, notifying users. If an application exceeds a certain resource usage value for 24 hours, the system notifies you.

In addition, the system will work continuously. That is, even if the user rejects the notification at some point, if the app continues to consume a lot of resources, Android will notify again within 24 hours.

If an application runs in the background for more than 20 hours, the system will also notify you of such a measure, allowing users to stop the process or even restrict their background activity.

It is hoped that this measure will help users to have more control over the applications that can remain in the background on the system, thus preventing possible abuse. It will also be a way for developers to be more incentivized to optimize their applications.

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