Who has ears to hear, hear

Illuminated path: He who has ears to hear, let him hear

Nilton Moreira is a police inspector and writes weekly for Região Hoje

illuminated road

“He who has ears to hear, let him hear”

Religion, team, party, everyone has their preference and it is difficult to change everyone’s idealism, with rare exceptions.

Regarding religion, everyone has their preference and no one has the right to prevent devotion. Some say they pray, others pray and others pray. Some kneel, some shout, some dance, some are profoundly silent. But despite all these peculiarities, the world follows its path idealized by the Architect of the Universe.

Not long ago we had an uphill battle and we are still battling an overwhelming virus that has hampered our socialization, many dear ones, and we were wondering why this virus appeared. Certainly, bad times come to us to shake up our lives. The same goes for illnesses, whether moderate or severe. These are the individual rescues that have to do with everyone’s behavior.

But the pandemic was meant to send a message not to individuals, but to the whole planet, calling our attention to externalize more love, to bring people together, because we had to fill a period of isolation. The pandemic due to the number of vaccinated people dwindled and families reunited, hugged and many thanked the Creator for allowing the beginning of normality which is gradually happening.

The difficulties we are going through are linked to the moment of planetary transition that the Earth is experiencing. It is the evolution of the Planet. It is the general shock. “He who has ears to hear, let him hear” he said!

But it seems that humanity has not understood the message and now we are facing an armed war, which although it is far from home, we are not affected by bullets, grenades and explosions, but by rising prices and the lack of certain ingredients, which especially affects the less fortunate, who are beginning to have difficulty in feeding themselves, in addition to seeing our brothers being killed or fleeing in terror from the region of the fighting.

Anyone who has already reached a balanced level of “HEARTED” evolution, and has the opportunity to seek in faith the request to end this conflict and for each to develop Divine Great Love in their hearts.

Nilton Moreira is a police inspector and writes weekly for Região Hoje

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