UEFA ranking: Benfica the best of the season, FC Porto the best for five years

FC Porto continues to be the main Portuguese contributor to the UEFA rankingwhile Benfica are the best of the 2021/22 season.

In the five-year accounts, that is to say the seasons that count for the classification that defines the number and the places of each country in European competitions, FC Porto contributes with almost 30% of the points. To be more exact, with 29.87.

Benfica is the second team on this list. Even with the 2017/18 season six defeats in the Champions League, the eagles contribute 23.6% of the Portuguese score. The podium is closed by Sporting, for the moment: 19% with Sp. Braga offering 18 percent.

Actual values ​​have been rounded to one decimal place.

Benfica: Best of 2021/22

The best season for a club in the last five years has been at FC Porto. The Dragons have scored 23 points twice: 2018/19 and 2020/21. In the current season, the best score is that of Benfica, with 22.5 points. The qualification for the Champions League has an influence on these figures for the reds.

Sporting and Sp. Braga have added 16 points both so far in the season, and the Dragons 13. Portugal’s score in 2021/22 ends with five points from Santa Clara and two from Paços de Ferreira.

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