The prefecture of Itacaré, through the secretariats of health and education, restarted this week, with the resumption of face-to-face classes, the Health program at school, work applied directly in educational establishments , with health education actions for children and adolescents . This week the action was carried out in the municipal schools Joserinda Pereira and in the Colégio Antônio Raimundo. The proposal, according to Health Secretary Andréia Palafoz, is to serve all teaching units in the municipality, headquarters and the countryside.

The School Health program is a commitment of the mayor of Itacaré, Antônio de Anízio, to provide information to students and a tool of the municipal administration that works to promote the quality of life of students and families. According to Secretary Andréia Palafoz, the Health in School program aims to contribute to the strengthening of actions that integrate the areas of health and education to deal with vulnerabilities, in addition to expanding health actions for students. of the public basic education network and to support the training process of health and education professionals on a permanent and continuous basis.

As part of this work, several actions are carried out such as conferences, fairs and debates on the most diverse subjects, such as oral health; Law on sexuality and reproduction and prevention of STDs/AIDS; Prevention of the consumption of alcohol, tobacco, crack and other drugs; Promotion of a Culture of Peace, Citizenship and Human Rights; Promotion of Physical Practices, Physical Activity and Leisure in schools and Prevention of violence and accidents;

It is also a goal of the school health program to identify students with possible signs of illness, promote and assess oral health and topical application of fluoride; verification of immunization status, promotion of food and nutrition security and healthy eating, promotion of hearing health and identification of students with possible signs of impairment, promotion of eye health, with identification of students with possible signs of impaired vision and actions to control the Aedes aegypti mosquito.