Tired of giving permissions on Android? You can’t imagine what awaits you in Android 13

Google is developing the new Android 13 and launched the Developer Preview 2 a few hours ago which reveals many new features. From media control to permission management, many changes and adjustments are expected to arrive in September for users.

For those who accept all permissions without reading, Android will be even more intrusive. In fact, the changes are of great significance and give the user even greater control over everything the applications have access to.

Tired of giving permissions on Android?  You can't imagine what awaits you in Android 13

The second developer preview of Android 13 was published yesterday and has great news in terms of security and privacy. Users want an operating system and applications that they can trust with their most personal and confidential information and, according to Google, this is a fundamental principle in the development of Android.

So Android 13 will arrive with new permissions and single control even for apps that run in the background.

First, there is now a toggle that allows you to control all confidential permissions in a unified way. We talked about camera, microphone, and location permissions. So if we do not want applications to be able to use these permissions, even if they have been granted at some point, we just have to click on the new "Security" shortcut, from which it becomes possible to revoke the permissions of the application. whole system, with great ease.

Notifications and permissions in Android 13

Notifications will also be a kind of permissions change. Until now, apps could send notifications by default once installed. However, starting with this release, the user will need to give permission for this to happen. As soon as the app is installed, a pop-up window will appear with the appropriate permissions.

But there is more. Android 13 will now allow you to control background apps much more efficiently. So far, to manage the apps that can run in the background, the user has to go to the smartphone settings and app list, to manage this process. With the new version, apps that are running in the background will be displayed in the status bar, and you can easily close them with just one click.

Android 13 also comes with a new set of permissions. The system now has permission for "Music and other audio files", permission for "Photos and videos", "Nearby devices" and also for and "Files and documents". In case an app consumes too much battery, there will also be a notification that allows you to close it quickly.

The new version will be even more restrictive with permission that allows apps to read the state of the phone, limiting the amount of data sent.

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