The original Winamp skin is sold as NFT

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O winamp was one of the leading musicians of his generation. As the Internet as we know it today grew, the application was released in 1997, and remained for more than 10 years one of the most popular choices for anyone who wanted to listen to their music on their computer. Recently, it was reported that the original cover of the software, dating from its year of creation, and 20 other arts based on this skin, can be acquired by collectors interested in the model of non-fungible token (NFT).


The auction will take place on OpenSeain days May 16 and 22, and will be open to anyone who arrives first and has the necessary money. Profits will be donated to projects that support social actions for musicians and charities, according to the Winamp Foundation. will be 19 NFTswith 100 copies each – and one even rarer, with 97 copies. The price will be 0.08 ether (ETH), or something around R$1,133.43. If the buyer decides to resell the purchased product, 80% will be for the owner, ten% will be forwarded to winamp (and passed on to charity), and ten% will go to the artist who owns it royalty fee.

All items purchased through this opportunity will be brothers-in-law in Ethereum blockchain, and will be stored in the buyer’s virtual wallet. The artists who collaborate in this initiative will have the possibility of being chosen, and their creations will be able to be resold; However, intellectual property will belong to Winamp. The CEO of the company, Alexandre Saboundjian, stated in a press release:

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Supporting music and musicians is also why the work of the Winamp Foundation is so important.

The non-profit association, Music backgrounds, was the first chosen to start the project. Among his contributions we highlight the collection of musical instruments to be repaired. Shortly after this recovery, they are making donations to music schools in places that need support. Its main areas of activity are in developing countries and parts of Europe.

Winamp is not the same that many have known for over 20 years

Even with the laudable proposition and sales being based on the nostalgia many feel for the 1997 release, today’s Winamp isn’t the same as it was back then. At the time, it was developed by Dmitry Boldyrev and justin franke (there are 25 years). The company was called nullsoftand was sold to America online (AOL) in 99. Popularity wasn’t long in coming, as they created the player at a time known as the heyday of internet-shared music – with the advent of MP3 Audio.

In 2013a AOL decided to end support, as it was going through a troubled period and the peak of the app had long since passed. However, what seemed like a definite end ended up turning into a cycle of beginnings. early 2014, at Radionomy (a Belgian company) buy it nullsoft. As a result, he also obtained the rights to the SHOUTCast It’s from winamp.

Recently, after several years, a re-release is taking shape, and it will have a mobile version, with a focus on podcasts, radios, streaming and MP3 playback. Charitable projects like this are part of the company’s new approach.


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