The new Hearthstone expansion is coming April 12

Hearthstone's first expansion of 2022 is coming in April

Hearthstone’s first expansion of 2022 is coming in April

Photo: Disclosure/Blizzard Entertainment

THE Snow storm revealed the details of the first expansion of foyer in 2022 called Journey to the Sunken City. The new set includes 135 new cards and will be released worldwide on April 12. The new expansion takes players on an expedition to the ancient city of Zin-Azshari, lost beneath the waves for over ten thousand years. It’s a beautiful, but scary world, and full of new things.

Among the new additions are a new minion type, Naga, and two new keywords, Dragar and Colossal. The Naga are vengeful creatures killed by the thirst for power and cursed for eternity. They work synergistically with spells and usually grant benefits when one or more spells are cast with one of them in hand.

The Dragar keyword lets you look at the bottom three cards in the deck and choose one of them to take to the top. This mechanic is particularly useful so that the player does not rely so much on luck to buy the parts needed for a combo or to find a way to turn the game in his favor. Additionally, there are new cards, like Azsharian Sweeper, which put cards at the bottom of the deck, creating some interesting synergies.

The Colossal keyword refers to minions “too big to fit on a single card”. Colossal cards come with appendages that have synergies with the main body – these extensions are summoned with the main body, even if not played directly from the hand.

Advance Purchase

Advance purchase is now available

Advance purchase is now available

Photo: Disclosure/Blizzard Entertainment

Trip to the Sunken City is now available for pre-purchase in two options. The Bundle is priced at R$159 and features 80 expansion card packs, five golden packs, two random legendary cards, one Mage Queen Azshara hero skin, one Azshara card back, five Mercenary packs, and Battlegrounds perks .

The standard bundle costs R$99 and contains 60 card packs from the expansion, two random legendary cards, and the Azshara card back.

Finally, players who log into Hearthstone starting today will receive the Sword Master Okani, a Neutral Legendary minion, for free.

Hearthstone is available for PC and Android and iOS devices.

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