The fourth dose of vaccine has little benefit against Omicron

An Israeli study published in the New England Journal of Medicine revealed that the benefits generated by the fourth dose of vaccines against Covid-19 made with technology mRNA Are few.

The research followed approximately 270 healthcare professionals who received a fourth dose of the pfizer or Moderna and noted that the new application did not provide additional protection against infection with the disease, especially against the strain micron.


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The researchers attested that the vaccination is safe, but does not provide additional protection, even after the antibodies created by previous doses have waned. It’s as if the extra boost recharges the neutralizing antibodies.

According to the study, comparing the effectiveness of vaccines, it was possible to find that those who took the fourth dose of Pfizer had 30% less risk of being infected than those who received only three doses. Already in the case of Modernthe risk index was 18% lower.

The authors say that apparently the third dose of the Covid-19 vaccine has caused the people’s organism to reach the peak of protection against Covid-19 and the additional reinforcements should restore it. immune response.

vaccinated man
The fourth dose of the vaccine has little benefit against Omicron. Image: PanyaStudio/Shutterstock

Julian Tang, a clinical virologist at the University of Leicester, explains that the vaccine against the original strain of SARS-CoV-2 will not generate a sufficient response against new variants, such as Ômicron, and says that new vaccines must be created and existing ones must be improved.

“Ideally, we need new vaccines Covid-19 specifically designed against Ômicron if we want to improve this protection for the most vulnerable – in the same way that we update the seasonal flu vaccine every year – to ensure the best possible match against the circulating current”, a- he concluded.

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