The Disciplinary Board closes the investigation with the arbitration team but maintains the Nuno Santos case – Sporting

Possible reporting failure in Allianz Cup final Everton breach

The Disciplinary Council closed an investigation procedure initiated on February 8 and transmitted to the League Instructors Committee the next day, which had as its object an alleged omission to report by the arbitration team of Manuel Mota, in the case of Nuno Santos’ infringement at Everton, in the Allianz Cup final, on January 29. The disciplinary procedure against the Sporting player is still ongoing and awaiting completion. The file communicated this week by the CD relates only to the investigation into the alleged omission of the arbitration team. “After the completion of the investigation of the case, the direction and closure of which is regulated by the Commission of Instructors of the League, the latter referred the case to the Disciplinary Board on 03.08.2022, containing a proposal classification in view of the lack of evidence of any disciplinary fault On 15.03.2022, the Disciplinary Board decided to close the investigation procedure in view of the absence of proof of a disciplinary fault by the refereeing team, and the evidence produced was consistent with the likelihood that the elements of the refereeing team Further, under the terms of the VAR Protocol, the use of offensive, insulting or coarse “language” is not apt, unlike a ” action” of the same content, to provoke the intervention of the VAR in the event of unreported incidents deserving of a direct red card”, explained the disciplinary council.

The incident took place during the Allianz Cup final between Sporting and Benfica, played on January 29, which ended in a 2-1 victory for the national champions. In a moment of greatest tension, as TV footage shows, Nuno Santos offended Everton, calling him a “son of a p…”, a reaction which led to the initiation of disciplinary proceedings.

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By Vitor Almeida Gonçalves


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