THE BALL – Rúben Amorim comments on the absence of Palhinha and Ugarte from the national teams (Sporting)

Palhinha and Ugarte have been kicked out of Portugal and Uruguay, respectively. Rúben Amorim devalued, but stressing that it is only a matter of time before they return to a “natural place”.

“Pahinha has taken a break and will have time to return to his home, which is the Seleção. I think that’s why [que não foi chamado], although looking at the selection it’s hard to tell which one is leaving this one and which is entering. Ugarte, who is not going to the national team, will also take the opportunity to train and rest. It’s normal, there are ups and downs in the lives of players, these are moments. If there isn’t one thing, there are others, like more time with the family. But they are two players from the national team, without a doubt”, he defended himself, during the press conference for the preview of the match with V. Guimarães, this Saturday.

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