THE BALL – Channel 11 headbutting and kicking reports (updated) (FPF)

Following Maniche’s departure from Channel 11 – the former Portugal international has announced, via the social network Instagram, that he has decided to leave the commentator’s position, with serious accusations against the presenter of the show ‘Futebol Total’ (and station manager), Pedro Sousa (see related news) – an audio recording has begun to circulate in which commentator Sofia Oliveira, also from Canal 11, describes in detail everything that happened after the breakup of the show.

BOLA had access to the aforementioned audio recording, where it can be heard. “(…) Pedro Sousa told him ‘no one here treats the players, while I’m here, if you don’t agree with that, put your shoes back on and leave at the end of the program’ When the guy said that, Maniche gets up and says: “Am I leaving at the end of the program? Oh Pedro, I’m c… for this m…, I don’t need this for anything. He pulled out the microphone and slammed it against the fat man’s legs. Pedro was a little shocked looking at him and he started shouting ‘you’re a big ass… you treat everyone badly, you have to learn to respect other people’s opinions, I’m not disrespecting you I’m not no ** ******, I won’t admit it, it’s the last time you talk to me like that because you’re a m… and I’m leaving because I’m completely c… for that m… …’ Whatever spoke to her face. However he leaves the studio kicking the door and out as he can hear it but after about 10 seconds he comes back I see he is really heading towards Pedro and I I thought ‘forget it, it’s going to break’. I stood up because I thought it wouldn’t hurt me, Rui Vitória, Carraça and Marcelino were still sitting there and shocked, and as I approach he elbows me with his right arm. I got nervous, I left, but he kept screaming, saying you’re a ‘son of a bitch…’ and you’re this and you’re that, and ‘I’m going to blow you all up and you’ I I’ll see what’s going to happen to you tomorrow, you’re a big fat man… and it’s because you’re fat and ugly that you treat everyone badly…” And he grabbed a glass that was there and called Against the bottom. Meanwhile, Rui Vitória and Carraça started to hold him, but he still broke another glass against the chair of Pedro, who remained seated, fearless and serene until he was taken out of the studio by our make-up artist, Elsa. Maniche was always shouting nonstop and then Elsa took him out of the studio and out of 11, and from time to time I see Artur, Carraça and Elsa pushing hard on the door of 11 so that he’s not coming back and he’s knocking on the door and pushing Arthur oh and before in the studio he headbutted Pedro and kicked him in the legs because he was grabbed by the arms, he could do nothing else. It was an authentic beef, forget it…»

It is recalled that the said discussion began live, on Tuesday evening, during the analysis of the match between Ajax and Benfica, having as its specific subject the replacement of Taarabt by Meité, more precisely the fact that Pedro Sousa did not did not like a comment by Maniche on Meité.

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