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Rip Elden Ring Speedruns.

Yesterday, Elden Ring received update 1.03 which features several adjustments, including nerfing a number of items players use to aid in their adventures in The Lands Between. You can see all the fixes of the new update here.

In addition to this update impacting the life of the “normal” player, it will also have consequences for the game’s speedrunners. Shortly after the release of the update, Distortion2 – responsible for finishing the game from From Software in less than half an hour – took to his Twitter account to write “Rip Elden Ring Speedruns”. You can see the tweet in question below.

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“The latest patch has definitely changed things for speedrunning,” LilAggy reveals to Eurogamer.net, tasked with completing Elden Ring in two and a half hours. “With heavily nerfed Hoarfrost Stomp and Sword of Night & Flame and fixed Royal Knight’s Resolve, the current patch’s speedruns can’t compete with the previous patch’s times,” he continues.

Still, it looks like these changes will only affect boss fights and pretty much all the glitches used to skip parts of the game continue to work.

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