“Ronaldo and Messi should have been smarter. Me, at the age of 32, I went to China″

Anelka understands that the Portuguese and Argentinian players should have continued their careers in a less demanding league or, in the end, had already hung up their boots.

The permanence of Ronaldo and Messi, in a downward phase, at the highest level of European football, is seen by Nicolas Anelka, a former striker, as an inappropriate option, as they are subject to more criticism due to the lower brightness. .

“They should have been smarter. That’s what happens when players want to play longer. They’re not prepared. They should have taken on a less complicated challenge,” Anelka told ‘RMC Sport’ when asked about the wave of criticism. of their respective Manchester United and PSG players.

Ronaldo, 37, and Messi, 34, have been widely criticized for having disappointing seasons in the UK and France.

Anelka stressed that “you have to make the right decisions to finish your career up there” because “it makes sense that they slow down” physically as they get older, so the two stars should have, he hinted , choose a less demanding career. championship or possibly hang the boots.

“There are players who do not hesitate to finish at 32, 33 or 34 so as not to be criticized. I played until I was 36, but at 32 I went to China”, recalls the former player.

Anelka concluded by considering that the careers, at the highest level, of Ronaldo and Messi “are over” and that both can be satisfied at this stage. “They must be very happy with what they have achieved over the last 15 years,” said the former striker, who does not foresee such an intense home-and-away game in the future.

“I don’t think there will be as many players dominating world football as in the last 15 years like Ronaldo and Messi,” Anelka told RMC Sport.

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