Properties in the Coqueiral and Aclimação neighborhoods are inspected during an action against dengue fever

Properties in the Coqueiral and Aclimação neighborhoods will be inspected by agents of endemic diseases, this Saturday (19). The reason for action against dengue fever is due to the worrying result of the second infestation index survey, the percentage is 5.3%.

Ana Paula Barbosa, electronics sector coordinatorepidemic, says there is a high transmission rate, of the 200 confirmed cases, 86 are from the West region. During home visits, officers will eliminate mosquito breeding sites and notifications will be issued in case of irregularities. Barbosa told CATVE that rainy and warm weather increases the proliferation, and this time of year usually has a lot of transmissions.

The health secretary, Miroslau Bailak said that “we are facing of a probable dengue epidemic once again”.This year, the indicators of the disease are higher compared to the last 10 years. He also alerted the UPAs which are filling up with dengue patients.

Symptoms of the disease are: pain in the body and head, fever and small mared bumps.


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