Porto Alegre creates a task force to deal with a strong wave of dengue fever cases


The capital already has 112 cases of dengue in 2022, of which 109 were contracted in the city.

From: Gil Martins
Published: 03/18/2022 at 9:21 a.m.

The town hall of Porto Alegre will create a task force to deal with the sharp increase in dengue fever cases in the capital. The decision was taken during a meeting held this Thursday morning 17 at the Integrated Command Center (CEIC), in the presence of Mayor Sebastião Melo and representatives of the Brazilian Army, Military Brigade, Municipal Guard, civil defence, the municipal department of urban planning and cleanliness (DMLU), and the municipal departments of health (SMS) and urban services (SMSURB).

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The actions of the task force will be coordinated by the Direction de la Veille Sanitaire (DVS) of the SMS, with the support of several agencies. The objective is to make a scan in places with possible breeding sites of the mosquito vector of dengue fever, Aedes aegypti. Public and private land will be inspected, paying attention to points where there is stagnant water: “The city government will do its homework, but the citizens must also do their part”, stresses Mayor Sebastião Melo.

Among the actions mentioned is the creation of a specific channel on the 156 for complaints concerning places with a proliferation of mosquitoes. A big day of dengue mosquito control is also planned, with support for local residents, elimination of mosquito breeding sites and active search for suspected cases of the disease. The population will also be able to get rid of waste that cannot be collected by households and selective collection, thus helping to eliminate irregular sources of waste in the city.

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dengue fever – Porto Alegre already has 112 cases of dengue fever in 2022, of which 109 were contracted in the city. Over the past year, there have been 83 registrations. Cases are recorded in all regions, with a prevalence in the East and Center South Health Districts, with 53 and 27 cases respectively. Data can be checked in real time in this link.

Prevention – The main way to prevent the proliferation of mosquitoes is to eliminate places where there is stagnant water. Therefore, SMS guides residents to examine their patios and homes. “Small containers left outside end up becoming larval breeding grounds: it’s the cache-pot, the drain, the bottle, the debris inside the houses. For this, the perspective of each person, of each family is essential”, warns the director of Health Surveillance, Fernando Ritter.

Text: Luize Baini/Town Hall of Porto Alegre

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