No, M1 Ultra graphics do not outperform NVIDIA RTX 3090

In its latest keynote, Apple made ambitious promises regarding its new chip (and indeed very powerful) M1 Ultrawhich equips the most expensive models of the mac studio.

Among the graphics presented by the company during the presentation, one caught the eye: in this one, Apple promised that the graphics of its new processor would match those of the GPU

The graph presented by Apple

This has led some people to believe that the M1 Ultra will be as powerful or even more powerful than the NVIDIA card, which…simply isn’t true.

With my hands on Mac Studio, O The edge turned some landmarks on the new Apple computer and attested to the obvious: if you will, the RTX 3090 leaves the M1 Ultra right on graphics performance — but that’s asking a lot, many more energy for it.

More specifically, in Geekbenck 5the M1 Ultra scored 83,121 points in the test with OpenCL and 102,156 points with the APIhave at their disposal a compilation tool with the API.

In “real world” tests, the game Shadow of the Tomb Raider it hit 108fps at 1080p when running on the M1 Ultra – the numbers dropped to 96fps at 1440p and 60fps at 4K. The RTX 3090 hit 142 fps at 1080p or 114 fps at 1440p. Besides, it’s worth taking a look. in the article of The edge to check out more comparisons and tested computers.

Benchmarks of the M1 Ultra, other Macs and the competition
Graphic: The edge

In fact, Apple never promised the M1 Ultra would be more graphically powerful than the NVIDIA card – the company just talked about performance. relative superior, which is true: while the graphics part of its chip manages to reach performance peaks around 120W, the RTX 3090 easily reaches 320W, 350W – or even more, if the user is willing to make some changes.

In other words: Apple’s engineers have plenty of credit, and the M1 Ultra should fly in whatever task you assign it to. But the Apple graph could be a bit more honest – the staff of Canaltech simulated What a “correct” graph would look like in this sense:

The “real” graphic | Picture: Canaltech

Very well then.

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