News from Santos and Baixada Santista

The Santos Health Department won, this Friday (18), an award for the work developed in the fight against the measles epidemic on a cruise ship in the port of Santos in 2019.

The 1st David Capistrano Prize is part of the 18th Exhibition of Successful Experiences in Municipalities of the 35th Congress of Municipal Secretaries of the State of São Paulo.

According to the town hall, at the time of the outbreak, a vaccination effort was made for all crew members and passengers to receive the dose of the immunizing agent, at the city’s cruise ship terminal.

In addition to vaccinating in the cruise ship terminal, health teams carried out blockades around the homes of infected residents, vaccinating neighbors in adjacent blocks. The action carried out jointly by the health monitoring and primary care services.

From February to April 2019, ten blocking actions were carried out, with 50,648 people assisted (refusals, dismissals, etc.), 28,050 vaccinated (against measles, mumps and rubella). Around 1,200 healthcare professionals were involved in this strategy.

In 2019, Santos recorded 102 cases of measles among residents, including three cases linked to this cruise ship.

The authors of the award-winning work were Ana Paula Valeiras, head of the health surveillance department, and nurses Alex Charleaux Amorim, from the Santos vaccination center, and Leticia Pretti Schleder, who at the time worked in the section of epidemiological surveillance.

According to Cosems SP, organizer of the event, the prize “represents the recognition of the merit of the actors involved and is an incentive to transform experiences in the municipal management of SUS”.

A total of 725 works from 64 municipalities were registered for the congress. Of these, 15 received an honorable mention, 15 others the David Capistrano award and one was honored by popular vote.

Automatically, the 31 works are registered for the 17th exhibition “Brazil, Aqui Tem SUS”, which will take place during the 36th National Congress of Municipal Health Services, in July, in Campo Grande (MS).

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