New Elden Ring patch fixes PT-BR subtitles

Now everything is aligned and always brings additional information

FromSoftware’s games don’t have simple, easy-to-follow stories and Elden Ring is no exception to that rule, despite being the most straightforward, as Miyazaki himself said. The game was released with issues in PT-BR subtitles, like we show hereand this mainly affected the lore told through the objects. But it’s just been fixed in a new patch released just now.

Before the patch, many gears and spells, the most affected items, had very basic descriptions and weren’t even translations of the English version. An example is “Armor of Thorns” which only had “Armor used by the Condor Knights” as its description, a snippet that doesn’t even exist in the English version.

This time, the subtitles are not only well placed, but provide even more information. In addition to what it already says in English, the description also contains the additional information “they (the tangled iron brambles) also cause this armor to deal damage while rolling”, welcome additional information.

From what I was able to quickly check to let you know, it seems to be well located now and there are no more items with simple descriptions. But for those who are unfamiliar with FromSoftware’s games, don’t think now that the lore will be crystal clear, because everything is a giant puzzle in which each small piece tells a fragment of the story as a whole.

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However, as a veteran of the developer’s games and learning to role-play everything from the master Vaati Vidya (insert laugh here) you can see that Elden Ring is lighter than previous titles, especially when compared to the Souls and Bloodborne franchises. Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, however, is the straightest and most straightforward of all the titles, but still with Miyazaki’s stamp on the storytelling.

Elden Ring recently received a big patch in which, in addition to fixes and balancing, some things were added to the game, such as background music and new quest levels for some NPCs (and even added a new NPC), showing that the game does not wasn’t ready to go out yet. Despite its resounding success, these issues (along with performance) only show that Elden Ring needed a few more months of development.


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