Mourinho: ‘We were playing and Lazio were smoking cigarettes with Sarri’ – Conference League

Portuguese joke that Roma have less derby rest time

Roma qualified for the quarter-finals of the Conference League, despite drawing 1-1 at home to Vitesse, but the evening ended up giving a headache to José Mourinho, who, because of the rebuttal Dutch, was forced to play your best songs. A situation that the Portuguese coach has already mentioned with the championship derby in sight, scheduled for Sunday.

“I expected more from everyone, not just from Roma, but in the end someone goes home, someone goes to the draw and luckily we are the last,” he began with point out to Sky Sports Italia, joking that Lazio rivals having a coach known to be a smoker.

“Obviously I’m not happy that we played today with several players who will also be on the pitch on Sunday when Lazio were at home today smoking cigarettes with Sarri, but that’s because Speed ​​is really good!” Mourinho attested, in your style. “Sarri is now at home smoking his cigarette while I go home trying to think about how I’m going to recover for Sunday,” he added regarding the fact that Lazio have played its last match on Monday, having three more days off to enter the field. Roma ‘escaped’ extra time in the 90th minute after Abraham’s goal to qualify with a 2-1 aggregate win.


Tammy Abraham avoids extra time in the 90th minute and qualifies Jose Mourinho's Roma

By Fábio Lima and Flavio Miguel Silva


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