Microsoft Edge now generates automatic descriptions for images

THE description of images on the internet is one of the most important features for blind or visually impaired users, and the tech giants finally seem to realize it: a few weeks ago, Twitter has announced a major improvement to its platformand today the Microsoft went further with your browser edge.

AT your latest update, the browser is now able to automatically detect images without a description and apply automatic captions to them. The Vision API Recognition Algorithm

The functionality, of course, has its limits – Microsoft itself acknowledges that the algorithm, even though it has just been released, still does not work perfectly, and the quality of descriptions may vary depending on the image. Despite this, the engineers stress that for people with visual impairments, a bit of context is better than none – and they stress that descriptions added by the authors of the images themselves are still the best option.

Recognition will also not work with images displayed on a web page: the feature will ignore files smaller than 50 x 50 pixels or very large, as well as images marked as decorative in website layouts. If pornographic, sexually suggestive or excessively violent content is detected, the descriptions will also not be activated.

The tool is now available on Microsoft Edge for macOS, Windows and Linux — for now, iOS and Android will be left out. You can activate it by going to the page edge://settings/accessibility directly from the browser.

Good news, isn’t it?

via The edge

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