Meeting defines measures against dengue and mayor promises to sweep Porto Alegre

The formation of a working group, the creation of a specific channel to report sites with proliferation of Aedes aegypti and a “D-Day” to fight against the mosquito were measures mentioned during a meeting this Thursday morning 17 at the Integrated Command Center (CEIC). The meeting, convened by the city of Porto Alegre brought together Mayor Sebastião Melo and representatives of the public security forces and municipal secretariats, given the increase in the number of cases of the disease in the capital. In 2022, there are already 112 cases of dengue, including 109 indigenous (contracted in town). Over the past year, there have been 83 registrations.

“We have had recurrent cases of dengue fever in Porto Alegre, but this increase scares us deeply. Let’s start a search in public bodies. Where there is subject, everything will come out. We will act in an integrated way, armed, BM, Surveillance and sweeping of the city”, explained Melo. Public and private land will be inspected, paying particular attention to points where there is stagnant water. The actions of the task force will be coordinated by the Department of Health Monitoring (DVS) of the Municipal Department of Health (SMS), with the support of several agencies.

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Still without revealing the date of its holding, the D-day of the fight against the dengue mosquito will include orientations to the inhabitants, the elimination of mosquito breeding sites and the active search for suspected cases of the disease. “We spent two years talking about Covid and today perhaps the most debated point is whether or not they will release masks. People forgot to look inside their yards. This action is essential in order to be able to relaunch care,” explains DVS coordinator Fernando Ritter.

Sebastião Melo asks for the support of the population in the fight against the disease through care with epidemics conducive to the proliferation of mosquitoes and complaints through 156, which will have a space dedicated to this request. “The municipal government will do its homework, but citizens must also do their part. Help the town hall. Use 156,” the mayor asks.

Representatives of the SMS, the Army, the Military Brigade, the Municipal Guard, the Civil Defense, the Municipal Directorate of Urban Cleanliness (DMLU) and the Municipal Directorate of Urban Services (SMSURB) participated in the encounter.

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