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Porto Alegre City Hall will create a task force to deal with the sharp increase in dengue fever cases in the capital. The decision was taken yesterday during a meeting between the authorities of the Integrated Command Center, the CEIC. The objective is to make a scan in places with possible breeding sites of the mosquito vector of dengue fever, Aedes aegypti. The city government says it will inspect public and private land, paying attention to spots where there is standing water. A specific channel on 156 will also be created to report places where mosquitoes proliferate. Another measure planned, the creation of a D-day to fight against the dengue mosquito, with support for local residents, the elimination of mosquito breeding sites and an active search for suspected cases of the disease. The population will also be able to get rid of waste that cannot be collected by households and selective collection, thus helping to eliminate irregular sources of waste in the city. Until the end of this edition of Meio-Dia, Porto Alegre already has 207 cases of dengue fever in 2022. Of these, 199 were contracted in the city. Over the past year, there have been 83 registrations.

Porto Alegre recorded three murders between last night and early this Friday. The crimes took place in the southern area and the central region of the city. In the first of them, at least three criminals arrived by car in the alley of Rua 3, in the district of Santana, late last night. After stopping the vehicle, they got out of the car and shot at passers-by. A 16-year-old boy died and others were injured. In addition to those affected, a dog was killed in the attack. The second homicide took place a few minutes later, in the Cristal district, south of the capital. A man died after a shooting. Then, in the early hours of today, another murder took place, this time on Rua Fernando Machado, in the historic center. A man, who was accompanied by a woman, was shot dead by two suspects who had parked the car in a corner.

This Friday, in the Official Journal of the Union, the provisional measure which releases withdrawal of up to R$1,000 from the departure compensation fund, the FGTS. Anyone who has a linked FGTS account, whether active or inactive, has the right to opt out. The amount will automatically be made available in the worker’s account in the Caixa Tem app. The credit will be made from April 20. And withdrawals will be allowed until December 15.

The federal government has also published today the decree that provides for the payment of the 13th of pensioners and retirees of the INSS. Insured persons who during the year 2022 received aid for temporary incapacity, aid in the event of an accident, a retirement pension, a death pension or aid for imprisonment are entitled to an advance. INSS estimates that around 30.5 million people across Brazil will be covered in advance. Moreover, in total, the measure will inject around R$56.7 billion into the economy. Payment will be made in two installments, as well as the benefit for each month. With the first installment, corresponding to 50% of the value, paid from April 25 to May 6; and the balance, paid from May 25 to June 7, less the amount of income tax due, for those who request it. Claims for benefits can be made by calling 135, via the Meu INSS website or via the application, also called Meu INSS.

A new cold front advances over Rio Grande do Sul this Friday and leaves the weather unstable in the state. After a morning of firm weather, cloudiness increases in gaucho territory throughout the day as the cold front approaches. Areas of instability will cause isolated showers. Further, between dawn and Saturday morning, the rains continue to act in areas of the northern half. Throughout the day, the instabilities move away from the state, but the winds continue to blow with moderate to strong intensity on the coast and temperatures are mild in all regions. The trend is that on Sunday a mass of dry and cold air will prevail over the state, keeping the weather stable.

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