LE BALLON – “I even expected more opponents…” (Athletics)

Pedro Pichardo was crowned, this Friday, vice-champion of the triple jump on indoor track, at the World Championships taking place in Belgrade (Serbia), although the competition ended up being reduced.

The Olympic champion twice broke the national record of Nélson Évora, with 17.42 and 17.46 meters, but was finally overtaken by Cuban Lázaro Martínez, who set the best world mark of the year on his first attempt , 17.64 m. The other Portuguese in the competition, Tiago Pereira, finished 9th with 16.46m (which he did twice).

Pichardo jumped 17.42m in the first event, then 17.46m and the third was a draw. The fourth went under 15 meters and then signaled to his father and coach that something was wrong, disregarding the last two jumps.

At the end of the race, Pedro Pichardo explained that he had given up on the last jumps “because he felt a touch on his foot”.

“I already felt a little something in the warm-up, but I decided to compete. In the first two jumps I still managed to close them, feeling some discomfort, but in the fourth test I felt I was stronger and spoke with my trainer – and my father – and we decided to stop there. And now, when I walk, I have pain with every step,” he said, quoted by the Portuguese Athletics Federation.

“I was not surprised by Lázaro Martinez, because I competed with him and I know his full potential. I even expected more opponents…”, he said.

When asked if he was going to change anything in training for the summer, he replied that ‘pre-season is not over yet’.

“I had no intention of doing the winter season, because of a small injury, but I did it anyway in preparation. I will now see with my coach and my physiotherapist what awaits me, because I am very focused on the summer with the World Cups and the Europeans”, he concluded.

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