Lajeado environmental monitoring applies insecticide to control adult Aedes aegypti mosquitoes

Photo: Lajeado Town Hall / Publicity

The Lajeado Environmental Surveillance Coordination, linked to the Department of Health (Sesa) of the Lajeado Town Hall, has applied insecticides to control the adult mosquito of the species Aedes aegypti, which transmits the disease, at the points of greatest disease incidence. The Bom Pastor and Florestal districts, which are recording more cases of the disease, have already been covered. Other neighborhoods will receive service over the coming weeks. This Sunday, a working group is to be held in the Florestal district, where last week endemic agents have already prioritized work to guide residents.

The product used in the application is “Cielo”, made available by the Ministry of Health and used only for public health purposes, adult mosquito control, epidemic control and blocking disease transmission. The application is made with Ultra Low Volume (UBV) equipment, better known as “Fumacê”. The product is applied to predefined locations, usually the points with the highest incidence of positive cases.

As the application of the insecticide only controls the amount of adult mosquitoes, it is still necessary for the population to take other precautions to prevent the mosquito from breeding. For this, it is necessary to eliminate places with stagnant water.

“People should not use chemicals as their first choice, because their indiscriminate use has environmental impacts, in addition to the possibility that mosquitoes develop resistance to the products and lose their effectiveness over time”, underlines the environmental monitoring coordinator, Catiana Lanius.

Of the 27 districts in Lajeado, 23 already have confirmed cases, totaling 125 dengue cases in the city. Most cases are concentrated in the districts of Florestal, Bom Pastor, Montanha, Centro and Conventos. 44 other cases were negative and 476 are awaiting test results.

Besides dengue fever, the Aedes aegypti mosquito also transmits chikungunya fever and the zika virus. AI/VM

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