It is the basic vegetable to include in the diet to reduce appetite and lose weight.

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The vegetable that helps reduce appetite and that you should include in your diet

Not everyone likes it. However, the turnip is one of the least caloric vegetables and has many benefits for the body.

It has many health benefits.

This is one of the foods that most opinions divide. The turnip is like that, we love it or we hate it. The bitter taste is not for everyone. However, if you are in the process of losing weight, this is one of the vegetables you should include in your meals. Who says it’s nutritionist Carolina Pinto.

The turnip contains approximately 94.5% water, which means that is one of the lowest calorie foods you can include in your diet. For 100 grams of cooked turnip, you consume 14 calories and more than 2 grams of fiber. The numbers don’t lie. “Turnips reduce appetite, help control blood sugar and regulate intestinal transit,” says Carolina Pinto.

And it’s a good source of vitamin C, adds the nutrition expert – “because it contains, when cooked, 15% of the adult reference daily intake of this vitamin”. This large quantity “facilitates the absorption of iron present in products of vegetable origin, in particular in legumes”, he reveals. Adding turnip greens to soups with beans, chickpeas or lentils, for example, will help better absorb the iron found in these foods. If you suffer from anemia (iron deficiency) or poor circulation in the extremities, prefer this food.

Besides being beneficial, it is cheap.

“Vitamin C, through its antioxidant function, will also help protect cells and prevent chronic diseases,” says Carolina Pinto. It also stimulates the production of white blood cells and antibodies that help fight infections, such as the common cold, and can relieve asthma symptoms.

The water present in the turnip helps to maintain hydration, which results in a more beautiful and well-groomed dermis. And also helps fight the formation of wrinkles and prevents the appearance of unsightly dark spots on the skin. The high fiber content makes this vegetable important for regulating intestinal transit and preventing constipation.

In typical Portuguese cuisine, recipes with this vegetable abound. It is as easy to prepare as potatoes: it can be boiled, fried or sautéed, mashed or included in soups. To get all the nutrients from turnip, you can also mix it with fruits and drink it in detox juices. It is a very versatile ingredient, which adapts to the creativity of the cook. Our suggestion is to choose a brightly colored and heavy turnip. If you don’t like the intense flavor, opt for less ripe ones or cook them to lighten the bitterness and spiciness.

If you want to prevent skin aging and iron deficiency, click on the gallery and discover some practical recipes with different qualities of turnip, to enjoy its benefits in a delicious way.

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