Has the change already started? 5G smartphone sales already dominate the market

Sales of smartphones with 5G technology have increased in recent months. It is an increasingly present technology that consumers are beginning to demand from their equipment.

The figures show it and a new barrier has been crossed. For the first time, the smartphone market had more 5G propositions to choose from, leaving 4G technology behind.

Apple Android 5G smartphone sales

5G smartphones are already dominating sales in the market

5G networks are increasingly a reality, with many countries and operators having their commercial propositions. This leads its customers to consider these proposals as a viable and attractive alternative. Smartphone brands themselves are increasingly relying on this technology.

So it stands to reason that 5G smartphone sales are on the rise, given this interest. Counterpoint's numbers reveal this growth and mark an important moment. In January of this year, sales of this equipment exceeded those of 4G.

Sales figures started to change

The difference is not yet significant, but it opens the door to a movement that should not be reversed. At the start of 2022, sales of 5G smartphones reached 51%, compared to 49% for 4G.

Apple Android 5G smartphone sales

The numbers are even more visible when looking at the markets in isolation. 5G smartphone penetration reached 73% in North America and 76% in Europe. According to Counterpoint, the big push for 5G adoption came from Chinese carriers and manufacturers' ability to have these smartphones at competitive prices.

Apple and Android at the top of the proposals

Apple dominates the North American and Western European markets with a 50% and 30% sales share, respectively. With an average replacement cycle of four years, many users are now updating their smartphones.

Android contributed a fifth of 5G smartphone sales in January. With more affordable chips, made by MediaTek and Qualcomm, prices fell to minimum values, which increased the penetration of 5G smartphones.

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