Google promises to improve the Play Store for tablet users

Following the launch of Android 12LGoogle has announced changes to play store to make it easy to find quality apps for tablets and other large-screen devices. The update will also notify users when the software is not compatible with tablets.

The update was announced today on Android Developer Blog, and are three initiatives aimed at improving the user experience. First, Google will change the format for ranking and displaying apps on the Play Store, placing tablet-compliant apps at the top of search results and recommendations. Until now, users had to search off-platform to see if an app was compatible with their device.


Second, Google will notify the user when an app in the Play Store does not meet basic tablet compatibility standards. These guidelines include things like portrait and landscape mode, transitions, and lack of Letter box. Reviews will be published later this year and the Play Store will notify you before installation if an app does not meet tablet standards.

Third: Google will soon implement device type filters for the Play Store, with tablet, Chrome OS, Wear and Auto categories. Game and app developers can now view their ratings and reviews starting today by accessing tables by device type on the Play Console. With this information, developers can improve their applications so that they do not lose favor with users of large screen devices.

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Via: AndroidPolice

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