Favored by the climate, dengue fever is progressing in the neighborhoods and 60 new cases are confirmed

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Another 60 cases of dengue were confirmed by the Environmental Health Surveillance Service on Friday 18, accumulated throughout the week in Umuarama. The number of locations with incidence of the disease has increased from 44 to 51, as well as basic health units on alert – from four last week to seven, in addition to the outbreak status maintained at the UBS Centro de Saúde Escola.

The regions of UBS Jardim Cruzeiro, Cidade Alta, Jardim Panorama, Anchieta/Guarani, Central Health Center, Jardim União and Conjunto Sonho Meu are at alert level (medium risk). In the others, the situation is of low incidence.

Dengue fever cases accumulated since the beginning of the seasonal period (Aug/21) have increased from 103 last week to 163 this Friday, while notifications have increased from 474 to 547 (more than 100 in one week). There are still 19 possible cases under investigation and 365 suspected cases of the disease have been ruled out.

UBS Bem-Estar, 26 de Junho and Ouro Branco, at the head office, and units in the districts of Lovat, Nova Jerusalem, Roberto Silveira, Santa Eliza, Serra dos Dourados and Vila Nova União, remain without dengue fever confirmations. The weather of recent weeks, with rain and intense heat, favors the reproduction of the transmitting mosquito and, with it, the spread of the disease. This is why it is essential to keep the yard free of containers and materials that can accumulate water.


The action against dengue that would be carried out by the Environmental Health Surveillance, in partnership with the Social Service of Commerce (Sesc/Umuarama), in the morning from Saturday 19, in Lake Aratimbó and Bosque dos Xetá has been postponed again, due to the rain forecast. The “All Against Dengue” campaign aims to raise public awareness of the disease and the importance of preventive measures.

The idea is to distribute leaflets and make a “fine comb” to eliminate containers that can accumulate water and become breeding grounds for the transmitting mosquito, Aedes aegypti, with the participation of shooters from War Shooting 05.012, Rotaract, of volunteers and endemic combat agents. Environmental Monitoring Coordinator Renata Luzia Ferreira said a new date will be set for the action and announced in due course.

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