Elden Ring mod brings the Thomas train to the game

One of the few certainties one can have in this life is that a game that accepts mods will, sooner or later, have the participation of Thomas the Train. This week, the inevitable happened. Ring of Eldenwhich can now involve the children’s blue train in its gameplay, via a new mod.

As shown in the video above, the mod can turn horses into Thomas. We see the Tree Sentinel mounted on the train, then the player summons their own Thomas and goes to poop.

It’s the kind of stupidity that makes mod community so interesting on PC. You can find both amazing changes improving the graphics or game mechanics, as well as countless games like this.

However, installing the mod can be a bit tricky. This is because it needs the UXM tool, which is no longer available in Nexus Mods. But for people who already have UXM or have another reliable download source, installing Thomas on Ring of Elden it doesn’t get that hard. Simply unzip and patch the game using UXM, then drop the mod files into the folder where you installed the game.

Did you like the participation of Thomas as a horse or would you like to see the train in the game in another profession? What other ridiculous characters do you expect to appear in Ring of Elden Coming soon?

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