Dois Irmãos is experiencing an outbreak of dengue fever among locals

The number of people positive for dengue fever, which this Friday reached 388, and the 988 notifications of the disease, over a period of 30 days, put the city of Dois Irmãos on high alert among the municipalities of Vale do Sinos . The latest epidemiological bulletin published by the City also counts 327 other cases being analyzed and indicates at least three people hospitalized in the local hospital due to symptoms of the disease, transmitted by the Aedes aegypti mosquito.

Health Secretary Júlia Lopes de Oliveira believes the city is experiencing a dengue epidemic. According to her, the first positive case was registered on February 16. “On the 17th, there were two people with dengue fever in the same family. On February 25, that number rose to eight. Within three weeks, the disease spread rapidly, spiraling out of control. Aedes Aegypti is the transmitter of dengue, chikungunya, Zika and urban yellow fever viruses.

The neighborhoods with the highest incidence of the disease are Primavera, Moinho Velho, Navegantes, Centro, Sete de Setembro, Vale Verde, Portal da Serra, São João and Floresta.

“With the rapid and gradual increase, we have started the application of insecticide in the main points of the city and have further reinforced the actions of the campaign ’10 minutes against dengue’, focused on the orientation of the inhabitants and elimination of mosquito breeding sites, in addition to home inspections,” says Julia.

According to the secretary, the emergency of the hospital and the municipal health posts take care of those who arrive with symptoms of the disease.

“Dois Irmãos is an organized city, with no sources of waste or rubble. What is noticeable is the custom of people to cultivate vegetable gardens and gardens. The home of the mosquito is in cisterns, which have been widely used in recent times to capture rainwater due to drought. We also find larvae in bromeliads and in drains,” he explains.

The Health Secretary is asking people to cooperate, by manually removing standing water from the backyard. “The mosquito likes the indoor environment. You need to be vigilant inside, use repellent, and dispose of tires properly. The clinical recommendation is that if the person has a fever, drink plenty of water. Standing water spots can be reported by calling (51) 3564-8871.

In the region

In Estância Velha, a neighboring town, cases also continue to grow. The town hall has 196 suspected cases, 18 confirmed cases and three dismissed to date. The neighborhoods where there are more positives are Sol Nascente, with six cases, and Rincão dos Ilhéus, with three. In this way, health surveillance teams continue to carry out home visits and inspections to eradicate outbreaks of the mosquito that transmits the disease. This week, 356 homes were inspected, resulting in the identification of 499 Aedes aegypti larvae.

Sapiranga records three confirmed cases, in addition to eight suspected cases of dengue fever. In Ivoti there are six positives and 52 suspects and in Novo Hamburgo there are 35 confirmed and 54 suspects awaiting report. São Leopoldo has one confirmed case of dengue fever.

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