Covid in BiH: Transmission continues to rise as bed occupancy drops

After reaching your lowest value since the start of the pandemic, the Covid-19 transmission rate in Belo Horizonte has steadily increased since the beginning of the month, reaching 0.91 on Friday (18). On the other hand, the occupancy of intensive care and infirmary beds in the face of the disease continues to fall in the capital of Minas Gerais.

According to the Epidemiological Bulletin of the City of Belo Horizonte (PBH), the average number of transmissions by infected people (RT) increased by 0.17 between March 1 and this Friday, from 0.74 to 0.91. The index began to rise shortly after the Carnival, which had settlements in BiH.

This means that currently, for every 100 people confirmed to have Covid, another 91 end up infected. The indicator stays green, control level. However, it goes into the alert state, yellow, when it goes above 1.0.

In the case of bed occupancy, they continue to fall. This Friday, USI had 31.3% of units occupied. The day before, the index was at 34.3%. In the case of nursing beds, the drop went from 27.3% to 26.3% in 24 hours.

Belo Horizonte has so far totaled 7,582 deaths from the new coronavirus since the pandemic arrived in the city in March 2020. There have been 360,046 confirmed cases of the disease, of which 1,469 are still under surveillance.

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