Chapeco Town Hall

The Center for Strategic Health Surveillance Information and the Department of Health of Chapecó issued an alert this Friday due to the increase in dengue fever cases in the municipality.

With 354 positive cases, 12 hospitalized patients and 1,544 suspected cases, the situation in the commune is considered high risk. Three neighborhoods already have an outbreak of the disease, which are Eldorado, with 152 cases, Efapi, with 117 cases, and Vila Real, with 18 cases.

Environmental Health Surveillance Coordinator Karina Giachini reminds the public that dengue is a disease transmitted by the bite of an infected Aedes aegypti mosquito.

The alert is for the population to take care to eliminate stagnant water deposits, receive agents to fight against endemic diseases and use repellents on a daily basis.

On Friday, a meeting was held in the auditorium of the town hall, with Mayor João Rodrigues, secretaries, councillors, school principals and civil society leaders, to call for a mobilization to controlling mosquito breeding sites.

The Town Hall also announced the urgent recruitment of 30 endemic agents, to strengthen door-to-door actions and collective efforts. Schools will work on the subject in class.

On Wednesday, there will be a meeting in Unochapecó, with mayors, health secretaries and state government officials, to define joint actions in the region.

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