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Apex Legends Mobile is here! New trailer, details and pre-registration


Apex Legends Mobile has expanded pre-registration and released a new launch trailer

Fans of Apex Legends and battle royale mobile games rejoice at the official release of Apex Legends Mobile. A launch trailer was posted on the official Apex Legends Mobile Twitter this Thursday (17), with a new website filled with information, details and an option to pre-register.

Previously, details about Apex Legends Mobile’s “Soft Launch” were announced, with the game only available for pre-registration in a few countries. But with today’s trailer, that record has been expanded to include several more regions and locations, including Brazil.

Apex Legends is the hyper-kinetic Battle Royale shooter developed by Respawn Entertainment and published by Electronic Arts. Launched almost out of the blue in February 2019, the game has since grown significantly in the player base to become one of the most popular Battle Royales on Xbox, Playstation, and Windows. And, of course, the game has a healthy competitive landscape.

The new version of the game follows the success of PUBG Mobile and Fortnite as mobile battle royale games. PUBG Mobile is estimated to have over 30 million active users in 2020. However, this number dropped dramatically when the game was banned in India, one of the game’s major player bases. mobile like Apex Mobile would be ready to sweep away many of these potential players.

When will Apex Legends Mobile be released

(Picture via Respawn Entertainment)

Apex Legends Mobile is expected to release in late 2022. The game is currently only available for pre-registration, with no release date set on the website.

Additionally, the game will apparently be staggering its release dates around the world, with the site stating that you should “pre-register now to be one of the first in your region to appear at launch.” This implies that different regions will have a chance to play the game before others.

How to pre-register in Apex Legends Mobile

(Picture via Respawn Entertainment)

To pre-register for Apex Legends Mobile, head over to the official website. There you can pre-register by clicking the Google Play icon or register for iOS version details by clicking the Apple symbol.

If you’re on mobile, you can do this automatically over the phone. On Android, this should also mean you’ll get notifications when the game launches on the Play Store.

To date, the game has had at least 7.5 million pre-registrations. And pre-registration doesn’t just give you the benefit of playing the game sooner; there are also goal rewards for the number of pre-registrations. Currently, Founder Insignia, Banner Frame, Bloodhound Banner Pose, and Epic Weapon Skin have been unlocked.

New captions and features

According to the website, Apex Legends Mobile will also introduce new legends to the game. These legends will debut in the mobile version of the game first, before making their way into the main game.

Apex Legends Mobile will have new legends and maps before the main game.

Additionally, the mobile version promises new maps, gameplay, game modes, progressions, and live events. Simply put, it’s not just the same Apex Legends on your phone. It’s a game with its own diverse set of features to rival the original. And it gives Apex players a whole lot more reason to try out the game.

All in all, Apex Legends Mobile could be the start of a new phenomenon in the mobile gaming space. And now is your chance to enter the ground floor.

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