AMD plans to bring FidelityFX Super Resolution 2.0 to older GPUs

However, the manufacturer will prioritize newer hardware before thinking about it.

officially announced by OMG last Thursday (17), technology FidelityFX Super Resolution (FSR) 2.0 can end gain compatibility with the company’s older GPUs. However, that should only happen once she’s done making sure her latest hardware works well with the new solution.

According to the manufacturer, she still “evaluates” whether scaling capabilities developed from open source can be scaled to old graphics cards. THE OMG said the second generation of technology focuses on improving image quality issues in all quality and resolution modes.

First of all, Fidelity Super Resolution 2.0 should only work on video cards belonging to the RX 5000 series and, in the future, on the line RX6000. To use it, you must have the Windows 10 (or 11) operating system installed, as well as the version 22.3.1 or newer Adrenalin Drivers.

AMD is still evaluating the possibilities

Our next step is Ryzen 6000 RDNA products, so we will be adding this capability, which will happen in Q2.said Glen Matthews, director of software management for the company. “And then after that there is support for hybrid solutions, so you have a Ryzen 6000 with a Radeon product added to a discrete solution on your laptop.“, continued.

According to Matthews, AMD’s future plans are being evaluated and highly dependent on their consumer behavior. “The reason we went through this process is a combination of both what we see from our consumers in terms of used screens, and also where we see the most value for them. And we prioritize in that order” he explained.

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AMD displays FidelityFX Super Resolution 2.0;  release in the second quarter of 2022

AMD displays FidelityFX Super Resolution 2.0; release in the second quarter of 2022
Technology promises major graphics quality improvements “across all graphics quality modes and resolutions”

One of the companies that has benefited from FSR is the valvewho brought the technology to steam bridge as a way to ensure good gaming performance on the laptop. While the device is based on the latest technologies from AMD (and should therefore support the latest version of the solution), its limited functionality shows that there are benefits to offering FSR 2.0 for gamers with older GPUseven if they play at resolutions considered “old fashioned” by most current standards.


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